How to enjoy life while writing EXAMS!

Thursday, 20 March 2014 00:39
Right, we all know how much writing an exam sucks. It sucks because we waste a lot of time preparing for it and sometimes, it is quite pointless. Now, there is this roller coaster ride called the 'Revision Exams' which goes on and on and on and on and on... At some point, all you can think of is 'Exam'. You get stressed and life gets bad because you cannot do anything with that single thought popping in your head every once in awhile. So, for those of you writing exams, here are few points which can try to make your life better. Just a little.

  • First and basic thing is, mark your calenders - Not the dates of your examinations, of course (why do you need a constant reminder of how horrible life is?). Take a red marker and circle and decorate the day you are finally going to be free from the evil clutches of your examinations. 
Done? Didn't do cause you're a lazy ass? It doesn't really matter as long as you know the day you're going to be 'FREE'.

  • Next, sink your mouths into scrumptious eatables! Eat ice creams and drink milkshakes and keep yourself cool. Eat lots of frosted cupcakes and reward yourself after every exam in a small or a large way. If you cannot do either of these things, sorry sweetie, you cannot help yourself anymore. Just go sulk in a corner. Or, better, imagine yourself eating these goodies!

Don't overload yourself, though. You might not like the outcome of your body after so much sugar. Newton said, for every action there is an equal and opposite reaction. Yeah, I don't know why I included that here but see great people have warned us. But enjoy!

  • While studying, soak your feet into warm water and relax and learn. If you have a tub, go immerse your whole body and learn. Don't get your hands wet, duh. 

Get yourself equipped like this if you have a tub.

  • Sleep, a lot. Trust me, it helps. 

That's all I can think of. If these points don't work out for you, I don't know what will. Go to the gym and learn, then. Exams are tough, I know. But we gotta suck it up and move on. I'm off to munch on goodies! Oh yeah and don't forget to study. 


 Images have been taken from Google. I do not own any of them.