Review: The Opportunist by Tarryn Fisher

Tuesday, 18 March 2014 20:55
Title: The Opportunist (Love me with lies, #1)
Author: Tarryn Fisher
Publication Date: November 14th, 2011
Genres: Contemporary, Romance, New adult
Rating: 4 of 5 stars

Olivia Kaspen has just discovered that her ex-boyfriend, Caleb Drake, has lost his memory. With an already lousy reputation for taking advantage of situations, Olivia must decide how far she is willing to go to get Caleb back. Wrestling to keep her true identity and their sordid past under wraps, Olivia’s greatest obstacle is Caleb’s wicked, new girlfriend; Leah Smith. It is a race to the finish as these two vipers engage in a vicious tug of war to possess a man who no longer remembers them. But, soon enough Olivia must face the consequences of her lies, and in the process discover that sometimes love falls short of redemption.

Wow. Simply Fantabulous. 

This book was a damn good roller coaster. I had an awesome jaw-dropping mind blowing heart wrenching ride.

She cheated. She cheated for love. 

Olivia Kaspen 
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"I was a relationship retard. I kicked, shoved, and punched people out my life, so they never had a chance to hurt me." - Olivia 

Olivia Kaspen was a very complicated character to get into. She was so original which was really surprising because I hadn't come across such a scintillating character in a long time. Her originality kinda threw me off balance for a couple of chapters but then I got used to her. And then I started liking her narration which was really beautiful for such a wicked girl - ahem,Desperately wicked :D And then I fell in love with this book when Caleb was introduced.

Caleb Drake - The notorious Casanova :D :)

Caleb was lovely. A perfect kinda boy. Olivia's and Caleb's romance was really cute. It was like a dream reading Olivia's versions of the the past and then the dream evaporated when the present was narrated. I liked the past till it collided with the present and then I loved the present. I'm sorry if I'm rambling here :D
Everybody has to wake up from their dreams at some point.

The Opportunist was an amazing book. It showed me how desperate people can get and at what lengths they could take their desperation. And Olivia's and Caleb's love was really perfect though they both messed it up. People are flawed, people cannot be predicted and I certainly couldn't predict Olivia which intrigued and captivated me even more.

I really couldn't say what I was feeling when I read this book. One minute I was content and grinning happily and the next minute I was like:
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Like I mentioned earlier, this book was a good damn roller coaster. You never know when it's going to go upside down.

And in the end I made this terrible mistake of plugging my earphones on while reading the last few chapters. The roller coaster was coming to an end and I didn't want it to end because I really loved these two characters a lot, Olivia and Caleb. And alas the most poignant song I have in my music collection started playing...

We never realize what we have until its gone. That's how we are. Failing to realize. That's what happened in this book. Olivia didn't want to get hurt so she pushed people away not thinking how it might affect her later on. Many of us do that too. We push certain things away and then later on we cry realizing we took it for granted and begging the universe to give it back.

Olivia was a good person but was all too messed up with her emotions. I guess she found solace in revenge. Revenge is such a cruel thing and how it spoils our mind within seconds. Olivia's actions were sometimes confounding and I don't think I can ever judge her for all her actions. Her actions for the moment felt right somehow even though later on I might end up rolling my eyes or scrunching my face :D

In the end, everything was very unexpected. I found it difficult to part with this book because it is ever so rare that I like roller coasters and this one was marvelous. 
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The best roller coaster ride ever!