Top 5 Most Anticipated Book to Movie Adaptations of 2014

Saturday, 5 April 2014 01:00
There are so many book to movie releases this year, it's just making me giddy! Isn't this exciting? Seeing our favorite characters come to life! Although, the Vampire Academy was a huge disappointment, we still have a lot of book to movie adaptations to look forward to this year!

First up, DIVERGENT! I know that it is already out in theaters in many countries but not yet in India! So, yes, I'm super excited for this one and have heard a lot of great things about the movie! I loved the first book and liked the second book and was okay with the third book. My interest in this series kept diminishing but I'm really pumped for the movies!

Who doesn't want to see The Fault In Our Stars? I'm not the 'crying type' but I actually misted while watching the trailer! It looks so good, doesn't it?

Even though I haven't read the books yet, I'm really looking forward to The Maze Runner. Why, you ask? Because it's Stiles! Dylan O' Brien aka Stiles is acting in this movie, that's why :)

Next, we have The Giver. I honestly don't know what to say about this trailer. The book didn't impress me much but I enjoyed reading it and I feel like the trailer and the book have a vast area of differences. In the trailer the whole world looks bright but I remember that in the book the narrator mentioned there wasn't much color. I don't remember the book clearly but I feel like the the production companies are trying to make movies like the 'Hunger Games'. Seriously, dear producers, go read the books before making it into a movie! This trailer defines why books are way better than movies. I should catch up with The Giver series soon and I'm not really looking forward to this movie because it seems like another huge disappointment but just thought I'd mention it.

And last but not the least, Mockingjay! No trailer yet but come on, it's the epic finale! I heard it's gonna be two parts! Yay! I cannot wait for the movie to release and I know it's gonna be awesome! Hunger Games and Catching Fire were mind - blowing. Jennifer's acting was exceptional! She was just like the Katniss I pictured in my head. I was really pleased with the first two movies and I think these two movies did the book justice.

What I'm really looking forward to in the third movie is the part where they rescue Peeta and Katniss goes to see him... I'm not gonna say anything more. That scene is going to be very heart-breaking ;(

R.I.P Philip Seymour. It is very sad that he had to leave our world and I hope he finds peace wherever he goes.