Movie Review: X-Men Days of Future Past

Monday, 26 May 2014 09:43
Title: X-Men Days of Future Past
Director: Bryan Singer
Release Date(India): May 23rd, 2014
Rating: All the stars in the galaxy

Caveat: This is not going to be an in-depth, fully analyzed review of the movie. This review mostly contains my thoughts about the movie or you can otherwise call it as massive fan-girling. 

Let me just say it. I FREAKING LOVED THIS MOVIE! Surprise, surprise. I think majority of the human population enjoyed X-Men Days of Future Past . I mean, what is not there to enjoy?

I got so many 'feels' at certain scenes, I got my mind blown several times and I also got my love for the X-men increased to a full 100 decibels. ( It was 90 before). Yes, I'm screaming at the top of my lungs asking everyone to go watch this movie. I know it's impossible for my voice to go so high but it did because true love can make things happen. I suggest you find some ear plugs because I'm unstoppable.

I'm a reader. I love reading fictional books. I enjoy the sci-fi genre and I absolutely love the concept of time - travelling. So, for me the plot felt epic and awesome and amazing and mind-blowing. It didn't feel ridiculous to me and I need to say that such concepts may not be loved by everyone. People think time-travelling is ridiculous and impossible. The latter might be true but ridiculous? Never. Geeks and nerds would love these kind of things and many others too!

So, as a reader I've always wanted my favorite comic characters to do some time-travelling, go to the past or future and do something crazy. I've always wanted to see such a movie. And to finally meet my true love, that feeling, it's priceless, you know :D

I'm going to give you a short gist of the story (no spoilers, don't worry). The current time in the X-Men world is terrible because the humans have created these monsters that can destroy the mutants. So, Professor X and Magneto send Wolverine to rectify the past so the future can have some sunshine and daisies. Yeah, for the rest of the story go to Wikipedia or even better, watch the movie!

Days of Future Past - Pros

  • The X-Men(duh)I feel like this movie was a blockbuster because it had the X-Men in it. Imagine if a bunch of teenagers time traveled and stopped some terrible happenings. It wouldn't have the same effect. It would have been interesting but nothing to go crazy over. So, having the X-Men in this type of story line really helped a lot. 

  • Mr.Wolverine: Even though he falls under the X-Men category, I need to allocate a special place for him for in the Pros section.We all know Wolverine is hot. In this movie, he was hot in epic proportions. You get it right?

  • Cinematography: The graphics here is just awesome. Why do I keep saying that? Awesome, amazing, mind-blowing. I can't seem to find other suitable words. Bear with me, please. This movie had a very good visual effect. The graphics didn't look fake or very cheesy. It looked natural and very appealing to the eye.  Moreover, I felt that the entire movie was taken very well. It didn't have those moments where you'd feel like the scene had been cut off too early or you know, those annoying moments where they'd show only the eyes while the character is speaking or taking the whole scene in a weird angle. It didn't have any of that. Do look forward to the graphics. Exceptionally done.
Yeah, that's about it with the Pros. I loved every bit of this movie so every bit of it is a definite pro for me. If you're looking for cons, I am sorry to say that you've lost your mind. You did see that I gave this movie all the stars in the galaxy, right?

I also enjoyed watching Charles Xavier, Magneto and Mystique. I've missed them a lot. Especially Magneto and Xavier. I love Magneto's power. It's the coolest thing ever! If I were a mutant, I'd like to have the ability to manipulate metal or nature. Mystique is so kickass. I haven't noticed before but she really has the kickass thing going. The fact that Jennifer Lawrence portrayed her made me like that character even more! 

I feel this inexplicable urge to watch this movie again. I also felt it while the movie neared the ending. Who knows, I might go and watch it again. And again. And again. And then I'd wait till the DVD came out. During those long waiting periods, I'd stalk the actors and the updates about the next movie. I'd watch the previous installments and drool over Wolverine. Don't look at me like I've gone crazy...Wait, have I?