Review: The Moment Collector by Jodi Lynn Anderson

Sunday, 11 May 2014 21:56
Title: The Moment Collector
Author: Jodi Lynn Anderson
Publication Date: August 7th, 2014
Genres: Contemporary, Young Adult
Rating: 2.5 of 5 stars

"The yard of this house is a graveyard of moments and everything left behind is a clue. And I am here to dig." There's a ghost haunting 208 Water Street. She doesn't know who she was, or why she's still here. She does know that she is drawn to Maggie, the new girl in town, and her friends - beautiful, carefree Pauline and Liam, the boy who loves her. But the ghost isn't all that's lurking in Gill Creek... Someone is killing young girls all across the county. Can the ghost keep these three friends safe? Or does she have another purpose?

The Moment Collector is a book were nothing much happens. It's not a ghost story, it does not have mystery and if you've read a lot of books, you might be able to guess where this book is going. I did. I always love to guess and most of them were right. And that was hugely disappointing.

I guess because I love to be defeated by a book. I guess because I want my guesses to not be true. That's the purpose of guessing, according to me, and this only applies to books. See, I don't hate this book. It's a well written book about contemporary romance. It's sad and lonely. It's also terribly slow and boring.

I didn't expect much from this book. I didn't expect to love it as much as I loved Anderson's Tiger Lily. I also didn't expect to get this bored while reading it. Nothing happened! Nada!

It's the story about a girl named Maggie. She moves to a new town and tries to settle there and maybe one day feel like it's home. She makes friends, falls in love, blah blah blah! That's all that happens in this book if you exclude random teenage girls found dead. Sadly, the murders didn't keep my attention for very long. Also, there's a love triangle in this book and surprisingly it didn't annoy me very much. That's one good thing, right?

I can't say this book was completely cliched but come on, girl moves to new town - doesn't like it much - wants to go home - makes friends and is quite hopeful now - teenagers found murdered - love triangle - things I can't tell you. Haven't you ever read a book that had such similar concepts? One more good thing about this book is that Maggie is nice. She's different from the other contemporary main leads. She's not annoying or complaining or too cool. She's normal and boring.

Certain parts of the book, I found myself skimming. Certain parts, I just skipped because come on, it's not going  be important at all! I can't say much about this book because I'm really disappointed. This is a beautiful book. Many might love this book. I wanted to love this book but I couldn't. I would still recommend this book. Read it at your own cost. You might enjoy it or you might, like me, get bored with it.