Reality has caught me!

Thursday, 10 July 2014 05:12
I've been running, running as far away from Reality as possible
But you know Reality
Always catching you when you least expect it.

My deranged life has finally caught on to me. It's completely bizarre to think that I don't even have enough time to watch TV shows let alone read books. My ever so lovely books are collecting dust and loneliness as they lay in one corner of my room, simmering down their need for me or so I would like to think. Everyone wants to be wanted, there's no surprise there.

Well, to be honest, I'm not really enjoying my life. It completely blows. Well, I would love to go on and on about how much I've got to study and how I didn't want to choose these subjects but had no other choice and how all my friends have moved on but these things happen in everyone's life. I know, for certain, that my future self will wrinkle her nose in disgust at this post and call my present self pathetic but my present self is feeling very whiny and sad and sick and bored so she doesn't care. At least for now.

So yes, I'm stuck with a bunch of troglodytes(not literally) for I don't know how long but I guess it will all work itself out. My only peace, my personal brand of heroin, my sanctuary is Music. The lyrics and the beats just soothe the stress out of me. If Music were a person, I'm sure I would marry him without a question of doubt.

I may detest my life right now but at times, it's so amazing that I would just want to live in that moment forever. Message to the scientists out there, find a TIME MACHINE please! You would do a great service to the deranged humans like myself. Or any normal human being.

So yes, I may not be posting reviews since I'm not reading but I'm sure to post bits and pieces of my life when I have the time. And a lot of book and music related stuff too! Hope whoever is reading this has a wonderful and an amazing and an incredible and a stunning life and I may forever be jealous of you but you have my blessings.

Note to Future Self: Don't call me pathetic or even better don't read this!