Book Review: Six of Hearts by L.H Cosway

Friday, 8 August 2014 07:24
Title: Six of Hearts
Author: L.H Cosway
Genres: New adult, romance
Publication Date: July 26th, 2014
Rating: 1 of 5 stars

This was one crap-tastic book!

I'm actually very surprised with myself for picking this book up. Was I on crack? Was I drugged? Or was I just being mental? I'm guessing it's the last one. Oh, the hilarity of picking this book up. I'm laughing my ass off here!

I'm the odd one here. This book has been getting five stars left and right and that's one of the main reasons I picked this book up. I should have noticed the warning signs.

The Warning Signs

1. New Adult
That there, my dear readers, is the biggest red light in the city. I'm not telling you not to read New Adult books but you must know that they're annoyingly repetitive, extremely trite and boring to the core. If you've read your fair share of the New Adult genre then, this book won't be any different from the others. (It did have tiny things that I was quite intrigued about but we'll come to that soon.)

As I was saying, this genre is known for its triteness and there are very very few books that might live up to one's expectations from this genre. And unfortunately, this one didn't live up to my expectations.

2. The Cover

It might look like a nice cover to some eyes but to me it just looked fake. I don't know why. It didn't feel original or right to me. I don't know. I really didn't like that shitty cover. (I should have walked away right there.)

3. The Blurb

You know, what really drew my attention? This quotation: Step right up and meet Jay Fields: Illusionist. Mentalist. Trickster. 

God, I'm a sucker for such things! You know how they say a humble person would never say he's humble? Let's apply that theory here. A good book will never say it's good or show off. That line right there was so flashy and glittery to my eyes that I didn't even give much thought in buying this book. Book, didn't anyone teach you not to show off?

(Note: This theory is only applicable to the books you hate that have extremely good blurbs.)

This book was all talk, no content. I didn't like the magic tricks Jay did. It's the same thing we see in our real lives and if you haven't watched shows revealing magicians secrets then, you might enjoy this book. A little. Why can't you be original and creative, dear book?

(Note: I don't normally talk to books.)

Things I Absolutely Disliked

1. Main Lead Character (What's her name? I seem to have forgotten...)

I just want to throttle her and hopefully that will put some sense into her. Don't ask me how!

She's 20 - something and behaves like an effing teenager. She makes me feel so cranky. Her first impression of Jay was that of a tiger. And I should have stopped there. This was another warning signal I seemed to have over-looked.

You mean, like this?

WHY DO YOU LIKE MEN WHO LOOK LIKE ANIMALS? Normally, things like these don't irritate me that much but this was an exception, you see. The narration was off and I was disappointed from the beginning (another sign), I guess thats what caused the outburst.

(I know what you mean(I think). But really? Hot guys looking like animals - Completely Overused. Can't you come up with anything else? Hey, maybe, he looked like a handsome human would have been better!)

Conclusion of this little (confusing) rant: Better descriptions of people and events were unavailable aka I hate the narration aka annoying narration aka WTF?!<

(P.S: Her name is Matilda. Just struck me, like a lightning bolt.)

2. Jay Fields

Aka fake aka irritating aka want to punch your face aka boring aka hypocrite aka trite aka really hate you. (My apologies for the 'aka' bombardment).

I want to hit this book, rip it and watch it burn but that would mean harming my kindle and I never really liked violence. Trust me, I effing hated Jay Fields. I don't wish to say more or I might break something.

3. Everything Else

I didn't like anything except the idea of illusionists and tricks and stuff like that. I expected big, mind-boggling things with a lot of complicated romance that I would actually feel vicariously but none of those things happened! 

So, if you're expecting to be blown away, please walk away from this book. It's not really worth it.